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rules of planning zone. and finally the project is xhabl with the neighborhood >> project sponsor. >> president fong commissioners i'm mark. i'm here as a dual role and i'm a neighborhood. i actually own a home around the corner from the restaurants. i've lived there 25 years and my wife a chinese immigrant has complamentd about the lack of home-style food in the neighborhood. she took it upon herself to solve the problem. she makes northern style chinese
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food and suddenly it's become importantly. parents and their children and couples from the neighborhood but i've noticed my wife isn't getting home but families are coming after she closes so she's getting home late. so with more and more pressure on her to serve food we decided to turn it into a family size restaurants. i'm seer she doesn't charge enough. a family of 4 spends $25. she plans on expanding the business and by the way, most of the recipes come from her
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mother. her intention is to not fully be active until 10:00 p.m. at night she stopped the kitchen and it take will an hour to wrap up the business. so we anticipate she'll stop taking orders for food about 9:00 o'clock. there are two outdoor tables and in general we don't discourage anybody but we don't have hearts out there. as i said we live right around the corner she's made a great addition to the neighborhood. there's a new store across the
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street that's on actually 10 o'clock at night and they make sandwiches. they've recently moved in and as you know the castro's are an active neighborhood. i'm trying to think she's feeling bad she's turning people away and we'll like to be able to accommodate those folks >> thank you. opening it up for public comment? >> my name is is richard home of the castro. i've lived here for 40 years my
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wife's not feeling well or she'd be here today. the restaurants that the man referred to cross the street has been a market selling beer and wine so negates not a new element. i've lived in the communicated community for over 40 years and we had to make a major effort is a few years ago because the leaders of the gay community was establishing the castro benefits district i appreciate they decided to continue the history by calling it castro. but they made a major pinch to enlarge the business and it's
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very residential up that way. we're concerned with a full service restaurants when there are a lot of storefronts vacated on came back castro street it will set a precedence for more people. the owners are nice their good day people and i'm not a humanely fan of chinese food by i've enjoyed the coffeehouse across the street. the previous owner was afflicted by a illegal scam where people cost the man dealer because those people claimed disability.
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it's sad that the city allows that kind of abusive - abuse of the local owners. i've talked to a few people in the corporate take over the local restaurants. and there's establishing now coffee now you see the city and in this case they're taking the local businesses and peddling their wares and i'm afraid it's going tobacco a formula store. i don't want to ininhabitant the business but i'm concerned about the business going on after
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8 o'clock the comment is closed >> it sounds like a great locally owned restaurants i've heard about the eaterer when the change over happened and there's great things about the good food. the concerns that the gentleman raised about the disability lawsuits and the office of small businesses but those are federal laws not city laws so they don't impact how people bays bases them but they have been trying to advise small businesses around those issues. and the other issue i'm not familiar with what you're discussing but they are a
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locally owned company as well. and if it were formula retailer it would open as a regular cafe would but that has no bearing on in this case. what we know about the restaurants it's going to close at 10 o'clock it doesn't sound like a routy place so with that i'd move to approve it's conditions >> i totally agree i mean 8 o'clock closings is not relevant. >> if you've been working actually 5 or 6 o'clock and you've quota to get to your place of work you feel bad coming in at the 745 because you
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know they're going do close and a lot of restaurants are not serving dinner. you've got to have beer and wine because most people will want to have an alcoholic beverage with their dinner so it make sense to have a type 41 license. so i'm in favor >> call the question, please. >> on the motion to approve with conditions (calling roll). so moved commissioners that passes unanimously and places you under item 5. planning code and affordable housing program.
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>> good afternoon commissioners from the department staff. so most of this ordinance that's before you today contains material that you've already approved when you heard it last as the affordable housing program procedural manual and it was introduced by the mayor of housing. this item is before you today because of the 4 amendments to that version in december. two of those amendments focused on cleaning the planning code to reflect when was already approved and it's champion ordinance and those are why we pulled the item off the consent
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calendar. to fall let's talk about the two changes you've considered before and they've been discussions in the case. first, it the inconclusionary housing fund. legislation they were approved by the people in november and been effective since january 1st, 2013, and curling currently wherever the planners are listed it's 25 reduction in the requirement of the code and those would just reflect the lower percentage. it would be changed to 12 percent. and the second is the reduction of the unit threshold for the
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conclusiony this change would be consistent to projects with 10 units or more by it's a mistake in that the family su d. so those were the 20 issues in the case report. two new changes were introduced in this ordinance and the first one is just a simple procedural change and the second one was an urban change. and the first one is the simple procedure the owners that was in the case report summarized the
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report in terms of the projects that have been already approved. and in this version it is an already approved project. the second is an ushering design change in the second use there is a alternative threshold there is a height provisions so the projects they have to provide inclusion height. you know, this is consistent with a 5 foot height in the
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eastern neighborhood district. staff understand that the housing of those changes be o y okay. >> opening up for public comment? >> i have a few questions in regard to those changes. i guess the first part the reduction by 20 percent and i understand that's the technologist of the law we always thought it was 10 to 15 percent. i don't remember the a zones being approved maybe it was done at the board of supervisors of
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those areas in general >> commissioner there those are in the eastern neighborhood and when we approved the plan we had adopted the plan there are certain density heights that were allowed so there's certain tiers that goes from 18 to 21 so the 20 percent would be from those percentages. >> maybe i forget or maybe it was done later. the fact that we had those small areas in addition to the bulk lifting bulk restrictions they had to put for affordable ability >> it's heightened. >> okay. that's information to
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me. and then the other thing about the special use district for the youth and family zone i always thought those were established when you were doing something and this is an but for
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>> second. >> on that motion to adopt the recommendation as approval. (calling names) >> so move commissioners that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. commissioners the director for seismic safety had to leave for
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an emergency meeting we can take the next item out of order >> is he come back? >> we'll try to take the other items out of order. >> it will place you under the 1355 street and informational presentation. good afternoon president fong. kate planning department staff. the item before you is the 2013 plan >> currently holt occupies 3 stories and plans on expanding it's operation to include the fourth floor.
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it will trigger the requirement for a full master plan. it does not lease any other buildings in the county of san francisco nor does it intend to expand beyond it's location. hope opened a campus. in the interest of time i'll be providing you with the background information on the requirement and then allow holt to describe it's plans. to be able the institution to make changes and responds to comment 345id at the public hearing and to provide the public with information about land use. planning code section requires that the text i can tell you and
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descriptions of the nature of the institutions the history of its growth, physical changes in the neighborhood, services provided by the institution. the institutions employment characteristics and all property owned or leased by the institution throughout the city. the physical plant of the institution and development plans over the next 10 years. it includess hope's development plans. it is for the receipt of public comments only. an institution meets the requirements if the document contains ail the technical data previously mentioned. the i m p is considered accepted when the comments have closed.
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it feels it includes all the sections under this section. hope business school is here today and will further discuss this plan >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm dr. jennifer and i'm the associate deadly weapon. we're the world's largest post graduate school we offer masters of business administration, social entrepreneur shippingship were in longing and opening in
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new york in 2014. we are ranked by economists as the first in post graduation salary increases and first in return in investment and in financial states we're in the top 5 for financial salaries. our employment rate is over 70 percent for all our programs. we're known for our platform for social good. we're the largest case study competition and the winner gets enough money to start their
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enterprise. in san francisco we have been here for over about that 2 and a half years our plan growth is modest. we're looking at taking one additional floor which is the fourth floor and it's an additional 16 thousand square feet. we have a lot of students from foreign countries. our states are here for one increase year and many of them go back to their you country of origin. our professors have real world experience. we work in 5 to 7 student teams. and in addition, teaching hard skills and the soft skills need to be good business people.
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and at a point if you have any questions >> opening up for public comment 1, 2, 3, 4 seeing none. public comment is closed. commissioners questions? >> not really. >> okay commissioner borden. >> i'm satisfied with the document i think the issue has been set aside with the lights and your meeting with the groups in the neighborhoods that have srnlz and i don't see a reason for a hearing on top of this. >> i feel i agree. just a question on this portion of the code do you know why it's here? it seems a low thresholds to
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have institutions where schools have to come here and take an extra floor it's a lot of work they have to go throw in a hearing >> i think it's been in the codes for a long time. >> i can't tell you. >> the 16 students and the given the square footage and 6 hundred students in one building is something you want to look at, however, this school will it that i observe are doing what they said their originally going to do so the instill math upon
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which they started i think what he hear and see is consistent with the statements they made a few years ago. i'm supportive >> i'm totally in support. i echo the comments and there has been 0 line. i remember when we heard this this is fairly long but you have to have a threshold and the only thing that's kufs was the floor and the impact would probably be similar to the last as far as we may want to look at this whole issue of square footage and see
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if this is the appropriate amount of square footage. >> i too and i am supportive congratulations. the hearing is closed >> commissioners a bit of a procedural matter the commission continued this item fourteen b to may want so that the director can - >> yes i'll continue that item to may 4th also and commissioners in that case it will place you on item 15 and 15, 13 boulevard question for authorization. >> i'm rick department of staff.

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